Day 8 Lower Antelope Canyon

Written by Mira Simons

On day 8, Grandpa took Brynn and me to Lower Antelope Canyon. Grandpa has been to Upper Antelope Canyon. We went on a tour of the canyon, and we actually got to walk through the canyon.  It was super cool to see how it was carved out by water unlike the sandstone above which was eroded by wind. The shapes were much more jagged above, but inside the canyon since it was eroded by water it was completely smooth.

Written by Brynn Simons

Our tour guide was really nice and would show us all the different shapes in the rock. Or the shapes caused by the rock outlining shapes and the shapes would be the sky. Some of my favorite formations in the canyon were “The Woman in the Wind,” “Rocky Mountain Sunset,” and a cute little heart! We took lots of pictures, obviously because there were so many sights to see! I really hope that I will get to come back here! It’s one of my favorites so far!

We can’t wait to share more of our adventures with you!

– Mira Simons & Brynn Simons

8 thoughts on “Day 8 Lower Antelope Canyon”

    1. Mira here-

      Yes we did have to climb multiple ladders to get in and out of the canyon, and some of them were very small steps or very steep.

      Fun fact-

      Next to the ladder, do you see the little cup looking things? Those cup looking things were the original “ladder”. Before the tours, people were let into the canyon by themselves and those were the “ladders” that people had to use. And we were told by our tour guide that people had gone down and didn’t come back up, and were never found. Crazy, right?

    2. For those that prefer to not negotiate ladders and stairs (sometimes almost as steep as ladders), Upper Antelope Canyon does not have them. Or so we were told.

  1. What an amazing place – such beauty. The colors and shapes are stunning! Thank you Mira and Brynn for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Always enjoyable to read these.

  2. Wow!! Those picture are amazing. I’m sure even better in person! Good thing Grandpa brought 2 mountain goats🐐 on that this adventure!

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