Days 9, 10, and 11: Bryce Canyon

Day 9

Written by Brynn

Yet another travel day! We left Page to go to Bryce Canyon City. It was a bit of a drive, but we made it! When we got there, the campground was so big! Biggest I’ve ever seen! And our site was way bigger than we needed it to be! As soon as we got unpacked, we had lunch and got ready to go into the park. As soon as we entered it, we went to the Visitor Center. It was very cool! Lots of displays! Then we rode a shuttle to our 1st viewing point. Mira and I weren’t ready! We were amazed! The park is mostly a bunch of structures called hoodoos! They are made from weathering, mostly ice and rain. Well, it has several stages. 1st, a thing called “Frost Wedging”. Some water seeps into cracks in the rock walls, and freezes. It then breaks apart the rock and creates a what called “a window”. Next, as the windows expand, the tops eventually fall off, leaving a column. Finally, erosion continue to sculpt the columns into spires, known as “Hoodoos“. It was really funny to see the hoodoos because sometimes, you would say that they were a character, or formation from something!

Then, we went out for dinner and a show at Ebeneezer’s Barn & Grill. The show was a Blue Grass show, which Mira and I had never heard of! I was really excited because I like trying new things! The dinner was really big and delicious! At first, when I heard the word “ Blue Grass,” I thought it was Country! Well, I was only half wrong. Some of it is actually Country, Blues, Jazz, Pop, and Old-time music. The show was really fun and cool!  The singers were a couple and their friend. While the show was happening, 2 of the couple’s kids came out to sing with them. It was so cute! They were really good!  

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Day 10

Written by Mira

On day 10 we spent more time in Bryce. Grandpa took Brynn and me on the Navajo trail loop which starts at Sunset point, which we will come back to. Anyway, the trail was really fun, we started early before it got too hot. I don’t think I’ve ever started a hike by going down and end by going up! It was really pretty, with all the oranges and reds. There were a lot of switchbacks going up and down. They were steep so while going up we had to take a lot of breaks.

Once we finished, we got back to the camper, and Grandma wanted to take us to the general store. Brynn and I were looking for earrings and we found some! Brynn got dragonflies and I got whales, Brynn also got an amethyst geode and I got some magnets to fidget with.

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I absolutely love looking at the sky and stars. I just think it’s so magical and majestic! Anyway Grandpa and I went back to Sunset Point at about 8:30 (Utah time) and we waited for all the stars to come out. We saw the ISS and the Milky Way! There were a quite a few people who were there that all wanted to take pictures of the Milky Way with their phones. So I was teaching people how to take a long exposure pictures. Which if you don’t know it opens the camera for a longer period of time, which lets more star light in. Making a better picture! I guess that’s what happens when you take the daughter of a photography teacher for night photography!

Day 11

Written by Brynn

Day 11 was our last day in Bryce. It was a very relaxing day. We didn’t do much other than going on a scenic drive through a little bit of the park. There were about 8 points to view, and we went to all of them. Some of them were Farview Point, Ponderosa Point, Agua Canyon, and Natural Bridge. On the way to all of those, we found out that on June 14th, 2009, a lightning strike started a fire that burned 3,947 acres in Bryce Canyon National Park. We were very surprised that it happened so long ago because there wasn’t a lot of growth in the trees. All of the view points had great views of the park! I definitely recommend going to Bryce!

We really look forward to sharing our new adventures with you!

Brynn & Mira

8 thoughts on “Days 9, 10, and 11: Bryce Canyon”

  1. Beatiful photos; thanks for sharing them! I’m so glad you’re all having a good time, despite the heat.

  2. Brynn & Mira, I am so incredibly impressed with your posts and photos! I am really enjoying and living your experiences vicariously! I’m afraid of heights and I don’t do well in heat, so I’m very impressed with your unbridled enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next posts!

  3. Your Uncle Richard and I were overwhelmed with Bryce Canyon. We took a donkey ride along the trails with a guide of course. They assured us that the donkeys were sure footed, but it was a bit scary, especially the switchbacks, however incredibly beautiful. I’m sure you’re having a wonderful time!

  4. Wow! The structures are amazing and really enjoyed sharing your trip with you. Very cool photography too! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bryce is one of Uncle Don and my favorites!
    Mira, I absolutely love your shot of the Milky Way! It’s gorgeous! And good for you for helping the others out!! <3

  6. This made me want to go there again. One of your pictures is almost exactly a picture l took when we were there many years ago. Thank you for sharing. Jimm and Sue Ann

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