How’d We Get Here?

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s August 19th and we are ON OUR WAY! Where to, you ask? How’d we end up here?

We love to travel. Al just retired. And we’re tired of New England winters.


Over the last three winters, we came to love the desert southwest. Being warm in February really appealed to us — it felt great! “Hey, I can really understand that snowbird mentality now,” I remarked to Al in February 2016 after our first trip to Arizona. Wow.

We fell in love with the Arizona desert.

When we returned there in March of 2017, we ventured northward and were blown away by Page, Sedona, the slot canyons, Horseshoe Bend, and more. We ducked over the border into Utah one afternoon–wait a minute — there are FIVE national parks in Utah. “Wow! Look at those affordable condos!” I quipped.

Horseshoe Bend is simply stunning!

But did we really want to be stuck in just one place? There are many fabulous national parks, state parks, national monuments, and more. We didn’t want to be obligated to travel to the same place each year and started musing about RVs. Hmmm. . .

We started investigating RVs and Al joined several RV forums online (Psst, honey? Don’t look now, but you’re using social media!). We started visiting a few dealerships in our area. Over several months, we went from Class A motor home (too large – and who wants to tow a car?), Class B motor home (if we didn’t tow a car, we’d have to pack up everything just to go for a dozen eggs?), and soon we were considering a fifth-wheel (and a truck!). Let’s go to the Hershey RV Show in September! Yeah, that’s the ticket! We won’t buy, we won’t buy…we’re just going to lookwe won’t buy!

We thought this would help us wait…

Meanwhile, I was starting to get a bit more encouraging. . . um, pushy…er, insistent…about the prospect of Al’s retirement! We could travel a lot! And we could do it while we’re still young and healthy enough to hike, ride bikes, etc., etc.  It was a well-timed choreography — just before we left for the Hershey RV show, he decided he was ready to set a date for retirement. Yay!

Well, let’s just say that despite our good intentions, we signed a sales agreement for a 2018 Grand Design 310-GK fifth-wheel before the weekend ended! We fell in love with the layout, size, and many, many windows in the 310 (I need lots of natural light). We’d have to come back to PA to pick it up as soon as we were pretty sure winter was over.

Soon thereafter, time to buy a truck. A BIG truck. A ruby red, long bed, crew cab, dually! We named her Scarlett (thanks for the color suggestion, Nancy Jones!) and had to name the 310 Rhett. Of course.

Scarlett and Rhett, our traveling companions.

So after many months of planning and more planning, Al is retired, and we have chosen the start of a route to travel the US — we’re not sure for how long and where our travels will eventually lead us. We can’t wait to share our travel adventures with you.

And, oh, yes—why “The Lobsters”?

Our grandkids named us Grandma and Grandpa Lobster years ago to differentiate us from their other set of grandparents. We live in Maine. And we’re traveling. We’re Lobsters on the Loose! We hope you’ll follow our adventures as we discover and rediscover each other and these amazing places we know as The United States of America and Canada!

Much love,

Kathe and Al
Grandma and Grandpa Lobster

The Lobsters

19 thoughts on “How’d We Get Here?”

  1. About Horseshoe Bend. It is about a mile walk from the parking lot to the (1000′) cliff edge above the water. The whole way out, Kathe is making me promise to not get within a body length of the edge, so I can’t fall.

    So who gets the money shot by leaning over the edge??? (Not Al!)

    1. I don’t blame her! A photographer that I follow was at the Grand Canyon last week and saw someone trip near the edge and almost fall. The view is just as beautiful a body’s length (or more) from the edge.

      Really, I’m super excited to watch your travels and am so glad you’re writing a blog. Are you on Instagram? I follow about 25 full time US and Park travelers on there.

  2. This will be a real joy to live vicariously through your travels snd adventures! We hope every day is special and brings something new and exciting to your lives!

    All our love
    Lee and Chuck

  3. Grea start toi your adventure. We will be sure to keep following you. Safe travels! Joe and Mary Beth Glajch

  4. this is such a fun journey to be able to share with you.
    I don’t want to mention that lobsters move fastest while moving backwards. So just take it slow(ly).

    Godspeed ! 🙂

  5. What an exciting start for you! I look forward to enjoying all of your adventures vicariously (from Maine). Bon voyage😊😊😊
    Susan & Peter

  6. Grandma and Grandpa Lobster! Happy and very safe travels. I will be following your adventures and wish you the most fantastic adventures!

    All the best,


  7. This is great! I only follow one other blog,so I really look forward to reading about all your adventures on the road. Stay safe out there and enjoy the ride.

  8. So happy for you two! Looking forward to reading about your adventures … and reconnecting when you return to the Southwest! Traveling mercies.

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