What Would YOU Pack?

How do you pack for a year away from home?

It’s easier to think of it as moving.

Into a tiny house.

First, we downsized. And it was fairly easy. If we hadn’t worn it in six months, off it went to the thrift store. If we hadn’t touched it in six months, it was boxed up for the church Christmas fair.

The refrigerator and chest freezer were both emptied, cleaned, and unplugged. Detritus went into the trash can. Canned foods were culled, some to go to the food pantry, some to go with us.

Then we purged. Old computer components, miscellaneous electronic gear we’d accumulated, old TV’s, lots of batteries…all went to the hazardous waste day at the transfer station (dump).

And on and on…so liberating!

From about 1440 square feet with an attic and a barn to . . .

Our new home…

440 sq. ft.  Perfect. We did it.

We had to choose carefully what to bring with us for a year’s journey. What was most important?

We must bring:

  1. Camera gear
  2. Clothes (only clothes that fit NOW – none of those I know I’ll fit into this again someday clothes)
  3. 3 pairs of shoes each
  4. Go Pro
  5. Popcorn popper (oh, rats! We forgot it!)
  6. Roku
  7. Our Pixstar digital frame with its own email address (grandkids pics!)
  8. Too many tools
  9. Drone
  10. New bicycles
  11. Instant Pot
  12. Hiking boots and poles
  13. Sewing machine (and fabric!)
  14. Our computers . . .
  15. And chargers. Many, many chargers!

We can leave behind:

  1. Snowblower
  2. Two cars
  3. Gardening tools
  4. Lawnmower
  5. Snow shovel
  6. The popcorn popper (apparently!)
  7. Ice scraper
  8. Spinning wheel
  9. Ice grippers (you wear them on your shoes in January!)
  10. Gardening catalogs
  11. Ski goggles
  12. Weaving loom
  13. Sleds

We probably forgot a few things. But there will always be a Walmart, Target, or Home Depot nearby. Or maybe we can just learn to do without.

What would YOU take with you for a year? Ready, set, GO!

9 thoughts on “What Would YOU Pack?”

  1. Don’t think I could do this. Sooo much planning.. and letting go. Ugh. Too many pets.. two dogs.. two cats.. chickens… fish. Love my animals too much!😀❤️

  2. Looks like you got all the basics for life on the road. I would also take along some exercise bands,since I like to stay as fit as possible when I travel. My dog would also have to be along for the ride:)
    One question: How and where is your mail sent to you?

  3. All I would need are my P.J.s. You can wear them all day long and then you’re all ready for bed at night! Why change? Who would know? LOL!

    You both look so happy and relaxed, enjoy!

  4. I see a couple of trends… take = video and camera equipment
    leave = anything having to do with winter in a cold climate

    Love that you brought the sewing machine and fabric, instant pot. Let us know if you get that popcorn maker.
    I bet you feel so much lighter!

  5. What work!! PHEW! It must have been hard deciding what to bring and leave behind! I know what it feels like downsizing and it ain’t easy….but as you plan to travel I guess it must be done. Hope your travels will be wonderful!!!

  6. Pampered chef makes an awesome, rubbery microwave popcorn popper that flattens for storage to the size of a couple of plates. There’s probably a knockoff at Walmart.

    Essential for me…hiking poles – and my dog.

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