We moved to Mount Desert Island about ten years ago, in large part to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by Acadia National Park.  We’ve had a wonderful time in the park, and had the opportunity to explore parts that most people don’t see.

In those ten years, we’ve also been blessed to form many friendships through church, work, the MDI-SAR rescue team, and social groups. Despite the excitement we feel about beginning our adventure, leaving is hard.

We live on an island.  Other than by boat, there is only one way to leave–over a single bridge. Our church made the leaving easier, surprising us with this large sign attached to a power pole at the end of the bridge.

Our sendoff!

9 thoughts on “Leaving”

    1. We haven’t sold our house; however that may happen in the future. As far as the length of this trip, we don’t know but expect it to last at least through next summer. For now, at least, this is home.

      We saw a sign on a neighbor’s site this evening:

      “Home is where we park it.”


    1. We have firm plans through mid October, Vicki. We’ll be in PA, Indiana (for a Grand Design Rally), OH (Cuyahoga National Park), Gettysburg; NY to see family; Valley Forge, D.C. for almost a week; Chincoteague; another GD rally in Delaware; Shenandoah National Park (we’re getting our solar install done while camping nearby); Great Smokies; and then heading to Utah thru mid to late November visiting National Parks there, too. Then to southern AZ and CA where we will mostly boondock until early spring. Then we’ll work our way north thru more NPs until we reach our daughter and her family’s area, Vancouver B.C. Two of our grandsons will fly out to join us in early summer back in Utah. Time will tell after that…

      1. Wow, Kathe! What an exciting year you have planned! Obviously, you have done your research! What is “boondock”? Looking forward to all your stories as you make your way across our beautiful country!

  1. Why didn’t I realize you were my Acadia experts? Now you will be my National Park experts too! My goal is to see as many as possible on a teacher’s schedule and paycheck! So glad Richard showed me your blog!

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