That’s a wrap – YEAR ONE!

Things are strange right about now. We’ve come off the road and are back on MDI, long enough to put our house on the market. (Anyone want a house on the Maine Coast, right outside Acadia National Park? Anyone?)

We’ve had a great time this past year and are looking forward to more adventures to come! But it is time for a bit of retrospection and possibly introspection.

How to describe the year? We can put some numbers on it:

  • 359 days, door to door
  • 858 hours of driving
  • 27,851 total miles driven (Kathe has well over 25,000 of our miles!)
  • 20,070 miles with the trailer. It is hard to believe that we roamed over 7,000 miles without the trailer. That was all day trips!
  • 2 wonderful grandchildren for 3 weeks
  • 28 National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Monuments, etc.
  • 30,206 pictures (And you thought we had posted a lot of pics!)

But those don’t really give a flavor of what we have experienced. If you have been following the blog you’ve seen many of the things we’ve seen, but not felt the impact of the openness of the west, nor had the many conversations we’ve had along the way.

The people we have met have been uniformly friendly, helpful, and as willing to share their journey with us as we have with them. Need a tool? Sure! Just put it on the table when you’re done.

Occasionally we’ve run across people who try to get into politics, but it has been very rare. Mostly, conversations have been about travel, enjoying the outdoors, families, rigs, and life experiences.

This country is huge! Having lived our entire lives in the Northeast, we had never known anything but the relatively dense population there. Once across the Mississippi river, you start to be aware that you’re driving for many miles without seeing any structure or other evidence of people.

Our country is beautiful, and varied (witness the 30,206 pictures)! We kept commenting to each other about beautiful scene after beautiful scene as we drove along . We had to be careful not to stop too frequently for photography, or we would have never gotten to our next destination.

When we started, we wondered what it would be like, to be sharing a roughly 300+/- square foot “house” with basically two rooms. We’re happy to report that it hasn’t been a problem at all.

When we started, we said that we’d live full time in our RV for a year before deciding whether to sell our house on Mount Desert Island. The six-month mark came, and we started to make those plans. Now that we’re at the year point and back on the island, we know that it is still the right answer for us.

We’re rattling around in our “large” (compared to the trailer) house, wondering why we ever thought we need so much space—and stuff. As we get ready to sell our house we have to part with things from our past. Most of that seems to not be a problem, but other things, like about 50 years of pictures… well, that is a bit harder. And as most men who have made this transition will tell you… “My tools!” Yeah, I won’t have all my tools! Being brought up with the viewpoint that it was important to have the right tool for whatever it is you’re trying to do, it is really hard to get rid of my tools.

Hard to get rid of in another way is all of our ham radio equipment. There’s just not much of a market for it. While we (especially Kathe) will still be involved in ham radio on the road, it will be done in a different way. Small radios. Small antennas (a bit of an oxymoron, that). There is no room in our 36′ trailer for a ninety foot plus antenna tower, and antennas that measure over 40′ by 20′ on top of the tower. So a lot to get rid of.

We know that we’ll need to come off the road at some point, determined either by health (no news there!) or by a yearning to settle down. But right now, that seems like a long way off. We’ve absolutely loved our past year and are looking forward to continuing for the foreseeable future. We hope that you’ve enjoyed traveling along with us, and that you’ll continue to share our adventure.

We’re still the Lobsters, but, for a while at least, we’re no longer “on the loose.” So we’ll take a break from the blog and pick it up again when we’re back on the road—probably in early October.

See you then!
Al & Kathe

23 thoughts on “That’s a wrap – YEAR ONE!”

  1. I have quite enjoyed reading and following you both. You are amazing role models and I yearn for the open road with Alan someday too. It’s refreshing to see your beautiful views of our country. Best of luck with your island home and downsizing.

  2. I know how you feel giving up the road life, even if temporarily. I often long for Van Gogh, which we sold a couple of years ago. I think you are making the right call in converting your idle real estate into a working investment.

  3. I sure hope Quartzsite is on the return map. It would be so sad with out you two. I want to do minis too! What you haven’t been to Minnesota?

  4. Glad you had such a great year. Good luck with the house and all that goes with getting ready to sell.

  5. I’ve absolutely loved traveling along with you online. So glad you’ve had the opportunity and guts to let go of things you no longer need. Wishing you great times ahead and a quick sale of your MDI house.

  6. So happy to have you back, here, even if only temporary. I love reading about your adventures and seeing the 30,000+ pictures.
    Love, Emily

  7. Have enjoyed your blog this past year and will talk with you soon. Excited to see you. Houses seem to be selling here on the island.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures so far; I look forward to the coming year with excitement for you both! I am so glad to have you “home” for a while. You know that my heart missed you terribly, but I am so happy for you and your future!


  9. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I have enjoyed it and learned some interesting things as well. Good luck with your ongoing adventures; I will be following you again once October rolls around and in the meantime, I hope to see you at mahjong, Kathe!

  10. We have really enjoyed your adventures through your blogs. Thank you for including us. We have also enjoyed learning about many things and places. You are very informative and interesting. I hope you have printed your blogs so someday you can put them in book form for your grand children. Best wishes on selling your house. We are on our way from Fl to Grand Design rally where we met you last year. God bless you. Jimm & Sue Ann

    1. How wonderful to hear from you, Jimm and Sue Ann! We will not be at the rally as we close up our house here to go on the market. AND our GD is in Middlebury IN for some repairs. We still have such fond memories of dinner and the show with you in Shipshewanna. God bless you, Kathe and Al P.S. Hope we see you on the road!

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